Executive Competition

First Round
Thu 14th March 2019

Clarry B 8-1 Grapes
Played at Bridgewater Bar (Canal Street)
Has Beens 9-0 Beechwood
Played at Halton British Legion
Castle Double Tops 0-9 The Lads
Played at Red Admiral
W.M.D 5-4 The Dockside
Played at Runcorn Cricket Club
Flying Wickets 5-4 Total Confusion
Played at Royal Oak
Sour Grapes 6-3 Wanderers
Played at Conservative Club
Village People 6-3 Dockside A
Played at Wilsons
Conny Lions 5-4 R.V.A
Played at Roundhouse

Quarter Final
Thu 21st March 2019

The Lads 6-3 Conny Lions
Played at The Dock
Flying Wickets 4-5 Has Beens
Played at Red Admiral
Sour Grapes 2-7 W.M.D
Played at Halfway House
Village People 2-7 Clarry B
Played at The Royal

Semi Final
Thu 4th April 2019

Has Beens v Clarry B
Played at Wilsons
W.M.D v The Lads
Played at Red Admiral

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